This is a micropower beacon operating under part 15 of FCC rules

Michael Tyler WA8YWO

Richwood, West Virginia

Welcome to the web page of the High Frequency Expermental Beacon "WV". The Beacon operates on the frequency of 13.55567mhz. This Beacon is very low power. It operates under Part 15 of the FCC Rules and Regulations. It transmits with only 4 milliwatts of power! That is .004 of a watt. The transmitter is completely home made and built in a plastic project box. I am using a "store bought" identification keyer that is programable using a keypad that comes with the ider called a id-8 made by Communications Specialists . The Antenna consists of an old modified CB base station antenna.I removed the loading coil that was in the antenna base and adjusted the length to 1/4 wave at 13.555mhz. The Grid Square is EM 98. I am using an attentuator consisting of a resistor pad with switches to reduce to output to 4 milliwatts in line with the antenna.

The message is sent at 4 words per minute Morse Code and it is repeated after a 4 second pause. These micropower Beacons are very interesting Beacons to experiment with. The best part is that you do not have to obtain a license to experiment with them. Beacon "WV" began broadcasting on August 27,2001 at 16:15hrs. Please Email any reports.

This the antenna ground mounted and the coaxial cable comes out of the box and directly to the antenna (18 inches) to help cut down on line loss.With only 4 milliwatt we donot have any power to waste.

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