In this first picture the 10 meter 28.286 mhz 100 milliwatt Beacon is setting under the local 145.39 A.P.R.S. The Dipole is just above the roof sloping down and attached to the roof . This tower site also houses the KB8YDG 147.150 repeater, the WA8YWO - KC8SDN 443.37 repeater , the as well as a packet node , a D.A.R.E.N node and a APRS node. Also the 53.830mhz wa8ywo - kc8sdn repeater.

This is a picture of the inside view of the 100 milliwatt Beacon. The three modules making up the Oscillator,Buffer and RF amplifer are at the top. The keying and automatic ID circuit are at the bottom of this picture. The large IC in the picture is the EPROM . Listen in to the Ten Meter Beacon Band from 28.200 mhz to 28.300 mhz. A list of all the ten meter beacons can be found by clicking on the link below.

I am in the process of rebuilding the 10 meter beacon. I am planning on making it into a less power out. 100 milliwatts is heard every where so I think I am going to try 50 milliwatts this time.

Click here to see the Beacon schematic diagram

Click here for a list of 10 meter beacons.


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