World War II MAB Transceiver

Navy Model Mab Radio Telephone Transmitting and Receiving Equipment. Power output 0.2 watts, A-3 Emission,Frequency Range 2.3 to 4.5 MC. Tubes are 1R5,1T4.1S5,3S4 and 1S4.Receiver and transmitter are crystal controlled and can operate on only one channel in the AM mode.Battery power required for the filaments and plates are 1.5,67.5,135.0, and a 6 volt Bias for the microphone circuit.I have used this rig to talk to my BC-611 and it worked very well. One evening I walked out side in the yard and was hearing some AMers having a QSO. With the whip antenna pulled up and the unit on my back I was able to inject a Break into their conversation but they were not able to pull me out of the mud. Not bad for 200 milliwatts on a whip antenna.

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