I did not try to make this project "fancy", but instead I was more interested in a working practical circuit that would not require a lot of upkeep and would be simple to build . The Keyer circuit was adapted from a circuit that I found on the web . I modified the original circuit by adding a voltage regulator circuit and a reed relay for actual keying of the transmitter . The transmitter output into the dipole is 100 milliwatts measured on a Bird Thruline wattmeter . I also went against the "norm" and decided to key the oscillator instead of leaving it on and keying the 100 milliwatt amplifier . The amount of "chirp" resulting from the oscillator keying is very minimal . The Project has been very rewarding . I have received reports from all over the United States and it is listed on the "top 100 heard list for Europe" . The pictures show the outside and inside view of the Beacon and the outside view of the tower site .


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